Thursday, February 7, 2019

No SEO for Bloggers | Zero SEO

SEO means Search Engine Optimization… And with this SEO keyword thousands of company and individuals getting traffic because all bloggers are interested to know this SEO thing. 
No zero seo for blogger

Wait if you write articles 100% unique.. Ohh.. Unique means written article has what only you think about something. So if you have so many nicely written, unique and interesting topics that you think can help millions of other people.. Yeah that is called CONTENT.. And that’s what google say “focus on your content”.

Now you must be thinking, without proper SEO would you be able to rank?? Answer is Yes!! (Read further to know..) 

What happens when there is no SEO?? 

If you don’t have something which is interesting and unique and very common to many blogger/reader than you must care for SEO because it would be the best source of getting genuine traffic to your blog or website. 

If you don’t do proper SEO for your Blog or website you might not get good ranking in Google and other search Engines. Which result to 0 organic traffic,and if you have monetized your blog and website with Adsense.. As we all do.. Than you lose so much earning as Invalid traffic but if you have properly done SEO of your blog or website, you may not lose so much earning because of invalid traffic. 

How no SEO thing works ?

As we all know SEO things changes very frequently, like sometime backlinks are important,sometime sharing counts more but above all CONTENT you put on your blog or website is far important for search engines and readers. 

For example : You have written an article on “Zero SEO” (I just made up this keyword) and it is very interesting, informative and useful for readers than they start to put Zero SEO keyword in google or search engines, because only you have written the best article on this topic so you get 1st position on search engines, also you get organic traffic on this keyword. 

Gradually lots of people will search about it because whoever reads the article tell others but because they don’t care about web address rather just search the keyword or all people will search your blog name. 

There are so many keyword which are getting good traffic just because of the above reason like Neil Patel, Sarkari naukri, Sarkari Result etc. Because website ranking, for all these keyword I told as an example, on first position in Search Engines provides some solution for a problem. 

So, SEO is always a second thing to focus on, you must write your thoughts on any subject in detail and in attractive and interesting manner.. So that You’ll be searched on all search engines and eventually you’ll get good organic traffic, yeah.. You might not get good adsense CPC in the beginning because search term is new for Search Engines but later it’ll get better automatically. 

As You all know don’t compete but be the competition.. Meaning create something your own which everyone needs and looking for.. Than other bloggers and competitors start competing with the keywords, you are on the top position in search results for, And this automatically increases search for that term and your organic traffic.

Start writing what you know or have unique thoughts for any topic and forget this SEO and Keyword thing but remember this is not as easy as it sounds because you’ll need to have very interesting, very useful and solution to a big problem which everyone is looking for. Also give your best and try to share with those for whom it is really important. So think about the topics and problems that do not have the best solution yet and you know or have found, the solution and start writing… create the best CONTENT and forget the SEO. 

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Technology and Blogs at Techopter

The main idea to have my domain name came from technology that skyrocketing whole blogs and websites like the helicopter flies over us.

Now you might be thinking why not techplane but actually plane can not fly at its place, it needs runway and Helicopter as you know can take off or land anywhere with little space.

That's why techopter is the name which fits with technology that can take your blog or website off from anywhere or it can also land you anywhere.

Like if you are a blogger and you make good use of technology like keyword research,blogging platform and of course online marketing than your blog can take off at no time. On the other hand if you are not making good use of all these SEO and Blogging technology than your blog or site can land or crash anywhere.

So, is a place where we will talk about something which you must know or updated with, to have good ranking or appearance on all search engines.

Moreover, you'll find how technology and blog both works together and many innovative ideas to skyrocketing your blog and websites. Also this blog itself is all about growing online with technology.